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Betra is about to start produce Slab Tracks with Austrian system for Turkish market. Betra has already produced some prototypes and exhibiting these prototypes at Pamukova Plant.

The track supporting layer (slab track Austria ) is the Austrian System for Slab Tracks and was devolped jointly with Porr AG and Österreichische Bundesbahnen.

The main element of the system is the elastically supported slab track, a prefabricated slab track made of reinforced concrete with untensioned reinforcement . Right couples of supporting points are integrated in every Slab Track.

Both, at the slab sole as well as at the conical formed grouting opening , there is an elastic seperating layer for decoupling , which causes a reduction of ground motions. with a ton of weight per running meter , the system is light mass-spring-system .

The track supporting layer provides high driving comfort and lower abrasion through high precision in the track bed. The optionally easy change of the slab track, the long maintenance intermittend and the associated high availability as well as the law construction-size (for optimisation of tunnel cross sections)are just a few advanteges , which need to be mentioned.