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BETRA is a partnership of RAYMAK and KIRCHDORFER Fertigteilholding GmbH

companies. RAYMAK is an equalpartnership company of UZKA İnşaat San.Tic.A.Ş. and ORHAN ONUR Dış Ticaret A.Ş. from Turkey .


Betra is located at Pamukova/Turkey and starting to produce mainline sleepers in 2002. Betra has been produced approximately 2.000.000 pcs mainline sleepers for the Turkish and world railways till now. Betra is producing more than 600.000 mainline sleepers per year with fourteen line. Betra is the first sleeper plant which was established in Turkey. Additionally for now Betra is the the biggest mainline sleeper producer in Turkey and third biggest plant which produce sleepers with the long line method in the world.


Betra has been producing Turnout Sleepers since 2008 . Betra produced approximately 200.000 m Turnout Sleepers. The production capacity of Betra became 200.000 meter per year after new investments in 2010. Now Betra is the only turnout bearer producer in Turkey and the biggest turnout bearer producer in the world.

You can download presentation pdf here.