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Track Technology

Betra's expertise in the design and production of concrete sleepers is known as "the Long Line Method". Since 2007, when the first licensee factory was established, this expertise has been licensed. The extent of its licensing operations gave the company the incentive to establish a complete team of experts specialising in all areas of design and factory erection, sleeper design, design, installation and commissioning of production equipment as well as production of concrete sleepers.

Existing factory areas are taken into consideration in planning the best possible layout with regard to capacity, quality, work environment and logistics. Betra invites key personnel in the client's organisation for production training at an existing Betra plant well before the installation of production equipment begins. The company is willing to assist clients with the implementation of a quality assurance system on request.

Global production

Railways use Betra concrete sleepers all over the world. In association with licensees and railway authorities in different countries, Betra has continuously developed its manufacturing process and adapted it to meet local needs related to varying climatic conditions, labour costs and operating requirements.